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Welcome To Sky-Hi

Whether scaffolding is needed for residential or commercial construction, heavy industry such as pulp mills, refineries or any other building project, the company has a proven record of tackling difficult projects and finding, cost-effective solutions. 
Sky-Hi is owner-managed by a team of skilled professionals who bring many years experience in the administration, technical and labour areas. Under their leadership, the company is constantly updating their inventory of scaffolding to meet changing technological and construction needs. This translates into better service, reduced labour and cost savings which are passed on to our customers. 

Who Is Sky-Hi Scaffolding Ltd.

Sky-Hi was established in 1968, and has had over 45 years servicing the industrial sector. We employ over 250 people annually, and are the third-largest scaffolding company in BC. Sky-Hi provides province-wide coverage with branches in Burnaby (1968), Quesnel (1986), and Campbell River (1990). Over the years, Sky-Hi has gained an enviable reputation for versatility and innovation in the construction, access, shoring, fall protection and training fields. This is matched by the company’s pride in delivering only the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.
Over the years, our crews have been faced with an abundance of situations which test their ability to think in the abstract in order to provide our customers with a practical, cost effective and safe means to accomplish their task. 

With the innovative thinking of our erecting and manufacturing crews, we are able to make the impossible seem simple. Innovations such as the Sky-Hi aluminum trusses and frames have been recognized as breakthrough products within the industry. In addition to manufacturing, leasing and selling standard scaffold materials, our experienced professionals will design and manufacture custom work and build parts if necessary to suit individual job requirements. All equipment is designed to meet both industries and our own high quality standards. 

Sky-Hi strives to keep itself on the leading edge of the industry, as new projects require the latest advances and changes in construction technology.

At Sky-Hi Scaffolding, Safety is our #1 priority and our most important area of focus. Sky-Hi Scaffolding is COR certified in Health and Safety as well as Injury Management. Our multiple “A” certifications and low risk status ISN, Cognibox, and Browz are a testament to our goal of getting the job done without a single injury.

Safety at Sky-Hi Scaffolding starts from the beginning and is the focal point of our New Employee Indoctrination, our detailed Job Hazard Analysis, and our company wide best practice of detailed Weekly Random Internal Safety Audits. When we are on your site, you can rest assured knowing that we Set Our Safety Standards Sky-Hi.

Meet Our Managers

Kevin LottisCEO
Kevin has been with Sky-Hi for over 35 years, and took over ownership and management of the company in 1986. He has extensive experience with industrial contracts in pulp & paper, hydroelectric, gas, chemical, and co-gen facilities, as well as ship yards.  
Doug TrotmanBranch Manager, Burnaby
Doug has been with Sky-Hi for over 30 years, and has been running our Burnaby branch since 2004. In addition to managing 70+ employees, Doug also oversees our new product design, project estimation and design, and our employee mentorship program.
Rick EzowskiBranch Manager, Quesnel
Rick has been with Sky-Hi for over 26 years, and manages our 90+ employees in Quesnel. He also assists in estimating, planning, and coordinating maintenance shutdowns in Northern BC.
Dave LewisBranch Manager, Campbell River
Dave has been with Sky-Hi for over 30 years, and became the manager of our Campbell River branch when it opened in 1990. In addition, he has extensive training and course instruction in scaffolding, safety, first-aid, and search & rescue.